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Most mobile devices emit radiation in order to operate due to transmission signal around 900 MHz.

Why should I prefer FonX cases?
As the technology develops, radiation and electromagnetic wave transmittion grows simultaneously which result in human health effects. Electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phones may reach 1 cm under the brain, eye, skin, nerve and blood tissues causing heat increment in tissues. Heat increment results in tissue damage and various health related issues. FonX shielding technology offers a solution. It provides instant, continuous and long term protection from mobile radiation.
Instant solution
Most likely you have already witnessed the effect of radiation coming from the use of your mobile devices. After having a lengthy conversation on a mobile, for example, you may have felt that your ear started to hurt and go red. Also after holding a laptop on your knees and using it for couple of hours - you may have felt burning and tingling sensations in the skin of your head, arms, legs and the body. By using FonX case you will double the time before such negative effects may occur.

Continuous solution
As long as there a signal between your mobile device and the base station (cell tower), your mobile will emit radiation. This happens while you are carrying your mobile in your pocket and while your mobile is laying close to you for example, on your desk while you are working or hand reach away during your sleep. Continuous use of your mobile may lead to fatigue, sleep disturbances, dizziness, loss of mental attention, reaction times and memory retentiveness, headaches, and other. By using FonX case continuously you may reduce the risk of obtaining such symptoms.
Long term solution
The time we spend using mobile devices increases year on year as mobile devices become more advance, more applications become available on the market, and we become more reliant on using mobile devices for socialising, searching, video, shopping, gaming and so on. New studies that evaluated long term use (8-10 years) of mobile devices are now showing various results that suggest negative effects on health including links to an increased risk of cancer. By using FonX case long term, you are more likely to reduce such unpleasant risks.

Mobile radiation solution
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Boost your health and performance
Research shows that radiation emitted from mobile devices can cause many health related issues such as headaches, memory problems, constant body pain, restlessness, stress, and loss of concentration, which may lead to decreased productivity and performance. By reducing the exposure to radiation, FonX cases can protect you from health risks and in turn maintain productivity both at work and home.
Start fresh after a good night's sleep
Studies show that 68% of users, place their mobile device next to their bed while sleeping. Radiation emitted from mobile devices can cause sleep disorders and deprivation, making you drowsy and unable to concentrate the next day. FonX cases protect you from radiation to help ensure a good night's sleep. When you sleep better, you'not only feel better, but also notice increased brain activity and better memory.
Protect your bloved ones
Children are some of the biggest users of mobile devices for communication and entertainment purposes. Experts warn that children's developing brains are extremely vulnarable to the effects of radiation. Children who are exposed to radiation have a risk of behavioral problems such as lack of concentration, attention deficit disorder and aggressive behaviour. FonX radiation shield technology will protect your children by limiting their exposure to radiation.