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Designed for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S & Samsung S3/S4 Made from genuine leather
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Science and protection model - For iPhone 4/4S/5/5S & Samsung Science and protection model - Pocket that protects your health Science and protection model - Pocket that prevents spying
Front view Pocket 1 - protects your health Pocket 2 - prevents spying

Code: 97001. Small size - suitable for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S or mobiles of similar size.
Code: 97000. Medium size - suitable for Galaxy S3/S4 or mobiles of similar size.


Why select FonX leather cases?

The two primary reasons for choosing FonX leather mobile phone cases are for their classic appearance and durability. Our cases are well made from high quality genuine leather and are ideal for the professional who networks frequently as well as the personal user. FonX leather cases are slim and slip more easily into a pocket. They have excellent resistance to damage such as scratching, tearing, and fraying, as well as damage caused by oils and other liquids, and provide protection against elements such as dust and moisture. Our leather cases also retain their shape, colour, and any patterning well. All this makes FonX leather a long lasting material. Another benefit is that FonX leather cases are toxic free. This is very important because, the new regulations that are being set internationally will not allow suppliers to sell leather products that contain toxic substances.

What is FonX Ghost?

FonX Ghost - apart from shielding against radiation, Fonx Ghost protects and secures conversations, which may be routinely intercepted by spy satellites and radio wave listening devices. You become unreachable as if you are never there.

Who uses FonX Ghost?

Ghost series is a perfect solution for bankers, businessmen, senior executives, defense employees and government officials in particular. Also, this series will be welcomed in schools and hospitals. In general it can be used by anyone who wants to keep their conversation private at a meeting and not take the risk of some third party using your mobile device as a receiver to record your conversation.